Intensive Program 5 – 18 yrs

Our intensive programs are for dancers who want to commit further to dance. We have several different performing and competitive groups to choose from. Ages 5-18. Check out our video to get a sneak peek!

Dance Team


A wonderful program for dancers
to perform in a non-competitive atmosphere.
For ages 10+

Hip Hop League


The area’s newest elite program
for dancers who love hip hop
For ages 9-18

Performing Ensemble

Ideal for students who love dancing and want
to be part of a team to dance in competitions.


Petite Ensemble

For ages 9-12


Junior Ensemble

For ages 11-14


Senior Ensemble

For ages 13-18

Competitive Company

For students who have a strong passion in performing and will require
additional performances besides their once-a-year recital performance.


Apprentice Company

For ages 5-7


Mini Company

For ages 7-9


Petite Company

For ages 9-11


Junior Company

For ages 11-14


Senior Company

For ages 14-18

  • My daughter has not only learned dance skills, she has made wonderful friends, gained such confidence & self- esteem & learned life skills. We truly love this school & all its teachers. They become like family.

    Norma Klein
  • BG is my daughter’s favorite place on earth. She loves taking challenging classes and learning from the outstanding teachers. She couldn’t be happier there and as a parent that’s what makes me happy. This is our 7th year!

    Alissa Dorfman
  • BG is filled with nurturing, talented staff. My daughters love being there, learning and being with friends. It is filled with positivity and they are bringing that home with them. Thank you!

    Becky Hanifin